Self Esteem Issues

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

‘You are what you think’ is definitely true and has been scientifically proven. Neural pathways in the brain create patterns of thought. Once they are created the thoughts will most likely be repeated. This is because the recurrence of a thought decreases biochemical resistance to that thought happening again, making the connections between brain cells on that neural pathway stronger. This causes you to return to what is familiar. If you were reared in an environment where you were constantly made to feel incompetent or unworthy, you will most likely have negative images about yourself, with you becoming your own worst critic blaming yourself and comparing yourself unfavourably to others. Hypnosis can be an effective tool to assist you in changing your self talk thereby changing your negative thought patterns and to enhance your overall wellbeing.*

* Disclaimer: The information presented on this website may not be true for all clients, hence please be advised that there are no guarantees of specific results and that the results can vary depending on the individual.

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