Pain Management

An older couple embracing each other for pain management.

Hypnosis has been used to manage pain for over a century and is accepted as an accredited method of pain management and treatment.

There are two forms of pain, acute and chronic. Acute is the sudden outset of pain and chronic is of an ongoing nature whose intensity varies. Chronic pain has a negative impact on your life very often leading to feelings of helplessness and reliance on pain medication. Hypnotherapy pain management programs can be used for both mental and physical causes and establish many successful techniques to eliminate pain*. These techniques can reduce the amount and strength of pain signals by reprogramming your body to dispense less pain-inducing chemicals to the receptors.

We offer a program consisting of one-on-one pain management sessions designed specific to your condition. However pain is a symptom of something wrong in the body and to manage it by hypnosis we will require a referral or clearance from a medical practitioner.

*Disclaimer: Information presented on this website may not be true for all clients, hence please be advised that there are no guarantees of specific results and that the results can vary depending on the individual.

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