Our autonomic system which controls our system which keeps our hearts beating and our lungs breathing, functions below the level of consciousness in the subconscious which acts as our protector, however our subconscious also stores every habit, routine and lifetime experience we have ever had, both positive and negative.  Therefore most habits and behaviours are based on programming from our past; some of them can be a source of great emotional pain and conflict, stress, anxiety and depression.  All unhealthy habits and emotional distress is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind.  When they are in conflict…the dominate one wins out over the weaker…instincts and what we are familiar with wins out over conscious will…emotions win out over logic and intelligence…our subconscious programming wins out over our conscious efforts to change . Hypnotherapy can change negative subconscious programming enabling us to achieve what our conscious desires, bringing about profound changes in our lives*.

* Disclaimer: The information presented on this website may not be true for all clients, hence please be advised that there are no guarantees of specific results and that the results can vary depending on the individual.

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